30 reasons for silver

1. A metal that does not lose its value

Silver has always been a valuable metal. If today we won silver money, it still defaults to the same thing, more or slightly less, in 50 years, which we can not claim the ticket to bring in the bag today. An ounce of silver in 1950, has not lost its value, whereas a ticket of 1950 is today a mere paper, with which we do not buy anything. Silver is an effective means to safeguard the future value of income and savings.

Who remembers these tickets?

2. Reducing the possibility of devaluation

Devaluations occur when there is public distrust of the value of the currency and they change your money, pesos, dollars or any other currency. With silver, which does not lose its value, ending the need to flee the country to protect themselves in other currency.

The silver price could also vary due to fluctuations in supply or demand in international markets. However, this movement in price will always be slow and limited, nothing comparable to the abrupt and drastic devaluations that have suffered under the weight of paper.


3. Bajan bank interest

Why the interest up with current weight?

When all want to change the money into dollars, the bank tries to convince savers do not withdraw their money, paying more interest. However, by raising interest rates, will affect borrowers who must pay more for loans contracted on credit cards, auto financing and housing, or industrial loans.

Why do interest rates go down with silver?

Because, in the absence of the devaluation risk, banks no longer have to convince Mexico to leave the money in paying high interest, and the money you can borrow at a lower interest.

4. It stimulates domestic savings

For people to save, what is needed is confidence and motivation. Nobody is going to save a currency loses its value constantly. The Mexicans wanted to save, but we need a currency that guarantees that the savings will not become dust tomorrow. Silver is an excellent way to convince us to be more thrifty.

5. It encourages foreign savings

The Mexican silver coin, most likely, would become the world’s safest currency for long-term savings, which many foreigners would like to come to Mexico to save their money in our banks, in silver.

6. There would be plenty of credit

For banks to lend money, the first thing you need is to have money. If there is not much money saved in banks, because citizens have no confidence in the currency, because there is nothing to pay. With a silver coin, in which Mexicans and foreigners if we wanted to save, there is enough money to provide and fund development.

7. Retain sovereignty

Proponents of the idea of dollarization, trying to convince us that Mexico is unable to govern successfully in economic affairs, so it is necessary to resort to the help of a foreign currency. Mexico is not incapable or inept beings are Mexicans. True, we have had serious crisis, prompted by ourselves, but because of it applies only to give us the solution. Here is the simple remedy, based on our own resources, natural and human. Dirijidos dollarization means being financially from the outside, and there’s no need. To progress, is silver.

8. Returning term capital

By having a safe currency Mexico, many Mexicans who currently hold dollar accounts abroad, they may choose to bring their money to deposit, in silver, in Mexican banks. He said that there were 38.000 million dollars, owned by Mexicans, deposited in U.S. banks. Actually, these Mexicans are not anti-nationalist, all they do is protect your money, in view of the repeated economic failures.

9. Silver is immune to political and financial crises

A silver no one can take away its value. Currently, with the weight of paper, the slightest sign of political crisis, a devaluation occurs, as people begin to change their money into foreign currencies, believing that the crisis could affect the stability of the currency. The political problems are of them, and really, why would not affect our money. This would be the case with silver.

10. We will be the true owners of our money

Today, puedemos not tell us absolute masters of money we have in the bag, as the government, or speculators, can reduce our purchasing power abruptly, the overnight. With the money, the money already won legitimately remains safe from tampering.

11. Rekindling hope

Mexico desperately needs an incentive that motivates us to believe in ourselves as a nation and as individuals. The most negative balance of all that we have suffered, is psychic; youth, sadly, no longer see Mexico in the same spirit of optimism, and many think of migrating to other countries to seek new opportunities. This is unacceptable. Silver represents hope in the future to current generations and those to come.

12. Promotes national unity

Silver is a noble project that can champion any party, and all at once. Silver suits the employer and the worker. The peasant and merchant. A young and old. Silver is not an idea left, or right, is an idea in national benefit. Countries to STORED together, need to have some basic similarities. Silver, the appreciation of all the silver, represents unity around a common goal.

13. Back to our roots

Many of the cities of Mexico were founded precisely searching for precious metals. The legitimate ambition of our ancestors, in search of wealth, made possible the construction of Mexico. Opt for silver means retake many of our cultural roots, today threatened by the phenomenon of globalization. Mexico was founded seeking wealth. Silver is to establish historical continuity and reaffirm, in the XXI century, the fundamental motivation.

14. Avoid bank failures

The bank failures are not caused by debtors who can not pay, but because banks lend to shorter or longer periods, and have liabilities, payment obligations in the short term. These liabilities, debts in dollars but cost less because their interests are lower, are very dangerous because at the first sign of distrust, these dollars pintails take flight and banks have to pay these debts in dollars. Run out of funds banks when owners want to carry the liabilities, either dollars or pesos short term. Silver, which ensures their value deposits in banks, creates trust and allows banks to equalize the terms of their loans, with the terms of their deposits. Thus, banks will not break.

15. Reconciles the views of nationalism and the market

Our production structure neglects the nation, because the need for dollar reserves, makes exports become main objective, and not the welfare of the nation in general. For example, the best flowers are grown not for Mexicans, but for Americans, another example, growing vegetables is addressed to Americans, who pay dollars, not the Mexicans, another example maquilan clothing factories, sold the Americans, who have dollars, not Mexicans. If Mexicans will have silver coin, for they would, flowers, vegetables, clothing factories, because all these markets seek productive activities themselves first, Mexicans paid in silver, and only then, overseas markets by surpluses.

16. Reaffirms national pride

This is an important benefit. The constant devaluation of our currency paper, has had the effect of discouraging serious Mexicans make us feel inept and defeated, but we have not had any blame for the failure of paper money. The destruction of the morale of a country, is the first step to its conquest, in the case of Mexico, this achievement would be consummated with dollarization. Think of the pride we all have when we see that foreigners who visit us take our coins in their pockets, valuable, rather than changing their paper weights at airports. National pride is a huge force, which would be reflected in all Mexican politics.

17. Reduces the need for the people to leave abroad braziers

The silver coin would be the trigger for a stable prosperity would increase, and that would be of open jobs in business to sell to Mexicans as well, would decrease the need to migrate to find sustenance.

18. Moralize society

The most important source of corruption in the country, is making paper money, as it has no limits and has no value in itself, is simply printing currency notes which are an imitation, not true. The silver coin is the best cement to achieve moralize society, for silver-based trading, is to deliver value in return for something of value. Paper money, society dissolves, it being a hoax, introduces corruption in society and divided in two: on one hand the paper ready to use for profit, and on the other the losers, who are the majority, and they see as all their goals in life are thwarted: household savings, and stability and profitability in their business.

19. Prevents inflation

Inflation, which is known for higher prices, is actually lower than the value of paper money. Fluctuations in the price of silver coin, once you monetize and is held by millions of Mexicans would be minimal and therefore also the purchasing power of the silver coin. The inflation we have known, would be gone, completely.

20. Break the negative aspect of neoliberalism: speculation

World speculation reaching colossal proportions, and that means huge profits or losses for speculators and fast, is the result of the dollar is just paper. The global speculative transactions totaling trillions of dollars a day. The E.U. has created a “Frankenstein” speculative destroying national economies within hours. Rampant speculation is a result of the paper dollar, and that all the world’s currencies are paper. The strength of an economy based on the silver coin, puts safe from speculation, because its characteristic is stability, not volatility, which is what fuels the speculation.

21. Stable exchange rate

The paper weight instability comes from that is that: paper. The value you can have at a time, does not ensure that it will remain the same value within a few hours, or days. Silver as money, does not suffer from this problem, as it is a metal appreciated worldwide. The weight of paper worth only in Mexico, the silver coin, worth worldwide. This gives enormous stability and therefore the exchange rate of the silver coin, against other currencies in the world, show that our silver coin is superior and more desirable than any other currencies, including the dollar. The devaluations of other currencies will, and not ours, the beautiful silver coin.


22. Ensures long-term savings: pensions, life insurance, Afores.

Some economists say the currency has to fulfill three functions:

Unit of account.
Vehicle for savings.
Medium of exchange.

The weight of paper serves as a unit of account. Accountants know this well, because as bad as “unit of account” that the government itself has forced the “Restatement of Financial Statements”, whereby, which takes into account not ledgers, but has to manipulate others to give different results. Clear demonstration that the weight of paper, such as “unit of account” is useless.

As a means of saving, the weight of paper used. Thus saving on paper tends to reach a value of “zero”.

As a medium of exchange, we are using the weight of paper because there is no remedy, is all that is provided to us. But as soon as the paper used in a credit transaction, everything changes, because then comes the factor of uncertainty regarding their future value, whether days, weeks, or months. Prices in credit operations, are much higher than spot prices, for this reason.

The silver coin perfectly meets the three requirements, and as will retain its value over time, will be base for pension and insurance of all kinds. The silver coin, for stability, peace will be base for those who want to provide economic security for their old age.

23. Promotes social stability

Money is the cement of society. Bad money, paper, destroys society. The efforts of all Mexicans, are always questioned, with bad money. No one knows what business can continue to operate. We are in a state of continuous revolution. There can be no long-term plans, because nobody knows what will happen. Wanting to build a modern country with bad money, is like trying to build a tall building with adobe. It has to fall. It has the necessary stability, the adobe. Not hold. Only good coin, silver coin, can give us the strength you need the social structure to remain standing.

24. Promotes democracy

Democracy is a myth, if citizens do not have coin worth, like silver. Because with paper currency, while citizens vote one way governments can do what they like, printing paper money they need to carry out your wishes, and not the people. Citizenship with real money, is a public charge. Otherwise, due citizenship and can not do otherwise. This is not democracy.

25. Budget balance

The silver coin obliges the government, like any institution, to operate within a budget. Governments always find reasons to spend more than your budget indicates, and have no problem: simply print additional tickets they need. The weight falls accordingly. Silver forcing the government to live within a budget, because you can not invent money.

26. Mining areas marginal benefits

Mexican Silver production, keeps the first place in the world. This industry is hard hit, and Mexican miners are impoverished, but a few large companies. Use our money, means that revive these mining areas of Mexico, producing silver money which becomes through its coinage by the Mint. Today, silver is priced gift, and its price is very clever manipulation by speculators in New York. Another thing is, when millions of Mexicans use silver as money. The international price will be determined by the Mexicans. The mining boom would be secured, and the benefit to the Mexican miners.

27. Privatization will be for Mexicans, not foreigners

Currently, privatization means that foreigners, especially Americans, possess significant resources and in some cases, strategic, because they are made of all the dollars needed to privatize computer with simple clicks. In exchange for his roles dollars, deliver significant resources into the hands of foreigners who do not share our history, or our language, and our culture. With the silver coin, will form the basis of the Mexican capital savings surprising Mexican capital may participate in privatization, which it is impossible at present, and Mexicans involved in privatization, they do so with borrowed money, dollars paper, which puts them in a position of dependence on abroad.

28. Privatization will exchange for silver, not paper

With silver coin legal tender, can be emphasized that privatization payments are made with silver, not paper dollars. It is only fair to get something tangible in return for something tangible that is delivered. Paper, by industries, not fair. That is clear dispossession.

29. Miners can establish Silver Banks

If the Mint coins silver miners in exchange for a small payment for the cost of minting, miners must then return their silver bullion, legal tender, the best currency in the world, without New York top it, the speculators that are grabbed by the neck. The Silver Banks can then lend, in silver, at interest rates very low: less than 10% per year! With these loans at low rates, gives a jump productive activity and increase employment.

30. In Mexico capitalists will the likes of Morgan and Rockefeller

Alexander von Humboldt, the German scientist who visited our country in the early nineteenth century, said of Peru, who was “like a beggar sitting on a bench of gold.”

Our case is similar. Mexico has enormous wealth, which will not only for exploitation by foreigners, without benefit more than superficially Mexicans, while not count on sound money and real, as is the silver coin, which is well within our reach .

On the silver coin, see how to raise huge capital owned by Mexicans who drive with their capitals, all economic activity in our country. We do not have to resort to names like “Morgan” or “Rockefeller” for our development. The solution we have, here, among Mexicans. We just need the hard currency of silver to do with pride and satisfaction the creation of huge capital and to pursue prosperity of Mexico in the next millennium.


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